David Bann

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Norte Chico, 2015 Chile.
    A delicious blackberry and cassis flavoured, medium bodied Chilean Cabernet, made from grapes grown in the central Valley.
    175ml glass: 4.50 250ml glass: 5.95 Bottle: 16.95
  • Merlot, Norte Chico, 2016 Chile.
    Smooth and rounded, with a delicious damson fruit note, made from grapes picked in the Central Valley in Chile. A fine, silky red with a firm fruit backbone.
    175ml glass: 4.75 250ml glass: 6.25 Bottle: 18.75
  • Tempranillo, Monterio 2014 Spain.
    A lovely ripe and vividly flavoured Tempranillo made from fruit sourced from the Castillo region of Spain. (abv 13%).
    175ml glass: 4.95 250ml glass: 6.75 Bottle: 18.75
  • DOC Rioja Livor, Viña Ijalba, 2015 Spain. V
    A popular Rioja due to the beguiling raspberry jam character which has no rough edges. Velvety smooth from start to finish. [abv 13.5%] V
    175ml glass: 5.25 250ml glass: 7.00 Bottle: 20.50
  • Pinot Noir, Cono Sur, 2015 Chile.
    An earthy wine with crisp red fruit notes of cherry, raspberry and strawberry and a soft, smoky finish. [abv 14%]
    175ml glass: 5.75 250ml glass: 7.95 Bottle: 22.50
  • Carmenere, Reserva, De Gras, 2015 Chile. V
    Carmenere is planted only in Chile and until recently was mistaken for Merlot, as this example
    demonstrates it is more interesting than most Merlots with the soft black fruit flavours being
    complimented by a dash of pepper and spice.
    Bottle: 24.50
  • Allegrini Valpolicella, 2015 Italy.
    Light to medium bodied wine, with aromas of sweet cherries and violet. The palate shows impressive depth with exuberant, luscious fruit and hints of spice leading to a pleasant, supple finish.
    Bottle: 27.50
  • Pinot Noir, Meinklang, 2015 Austria. V
    This excellent wine shows ripe, red cherry fruits defining the palate and are neatly intertwined with soft tannins. Very seductive indeed. Made biodynamically.
    Bottle: 28.00
  • Heartland Shiraz, Langhorne Creek, 2013 Australia.
    Big and smooth with pepper and other spice notes accentuating the dark intense fruit. [abv 14.8%]
    Bottle: 29.75
  • Zinfandel, Bonterra, 2012 USA. V
    Ripe raspberry, cherry and clove spice aromas. Plum, chocolate and vanilla flavours have been accentuated by barrel aging in oak (abv 14%).
    Bottle: 30.50
  • Côte du Rhône “Les Antimagnes” Domaine des Escaravailles, 2012 France.
    Deep purple in colour with powerful aromas of lush red fruit. Deeply concentrated with great opulence and depth. Excellent balance with fully integrated, ripe tannins.
    Bottle: 31.75
  • Malbec, Trivento Golden Reserva, 2014 Argentina.
    Big, muscular and complex. Full red fruit palate with spicy hints of cinnamon, pepper and chocolate.
    Bottle: 34.00
  • Lirac Rouge, Château de Ségriès, 2011 France.
    Ripe, rich and round, this quality Rhône wine, made from Grenache and Syrah grapes, has warm flavours of black raspberry, white pepper and spice. [abv 14.5%]
    Bottle: 38.50
  • DO Priorat FA206, Mas Igneus, 2012 Spain. V
    Lush, generous black fruits with additional fennel and tobacco qualities. Ripe, sweet and utterly delicious.
    Bottle: 39.75
  • Rioja, Marqués de Murrieta, 2011 Spain.
    Complex layers of sweet and savoury fruit, vanilla and spice. Full, fresh and vibrant.
    Bottle: 43.00
  • Châteauneuf du Pape, Domaine Deydier, 2012 France.
    One of France’s most famous wines, a hearty red made from Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre. [abv 14.5%]
    Bottle: 59.00
  • Mitolo “Serpico” Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007 McLaren Vale, Australia.
    Huge, dark and refined. Cedary spice, Christmas pudding and a hint of coffee bean with rich savoury tannins. Seamless integration of oak, tannin and fruit.
    Bottle: 68.00


  • Blanc de Noir Blush, Van Lovern, 2016 South Africa.
    A fruity Rose with fresh strawberry and muscat tones. (abv 11%)
    175ml glass: 4.00 250ml glass: 5.70 Bottle: 16.95
  • Pinot Noir Rosé, J Wolf, 2015 Germany.
    Pale salmon pink in colour, with hints of rhubarb and raspberry, a rich creamy texture and a splash of strawberry. [abv 12%]
    Bottle: 25.75